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Arnolfini - est 1961

Colour Me is a No Bindings audio work inspired by the luminescent colours of Sir Frank Bowling’s latest exhibition Land of Many Waters

The title of the exhibition, Land of Many Waters evokes the many waterscapes encountered by the artist, but also Bowling’s country of birth, Guyana – a place known for its numerous rivers, creeks, and streams, and whose name comes from the Amerindian word which means ‘land of many waters’.

Colour Me is a textured, immersive audio accompaniment to Land of Many Waters. It  takes listeners through the memories of six narrators –  Patsy, Hyacinth, Esme, Anton, Julz and his daughter Eden – who wander the paintings and share memories of their childhood, nature and relationships, describing the colours that speak loudest of all – jaguar yellows and tarantula black, moss green and lily pink, and an iridescent river blue. 

“The main thing I notice as a kid, going through jungle with your friends – change of colour in the streams… The most dangerous colours could be the most beautiful thing.”

“Blue would be the river I cross – the Demerara, the Essequibo… the Berbice.“

“Have you ever seen an ugly butterfly? No!”

In the words of one of our narrators, ‘There are certain things you keep within yourself that will always be with you’. And here they are, just for you. Welcome, to a land of many waters.

Colour Me is a No Bindings audio work, presented and produced by Keziah Wenham-Kenyon for Arnolfini. Executive produced by Eloise Stevens. Delivered with Grapevine. With thanks to Patsy, Hyacinth, Esme, Anton, and Julz.


Listen to the podcast in full here:



How to use Grapevine

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Step 2. SEND a photo of any of the paintings in Land of Many Waters with the Grapevine logo (above), or TEXT ‘plunge’, ‘pouring’, or ‘above’ to the Grapevine number via Whatsapp.

Step 3. RECEIVE the first Colour Me audio narration with an image of Bowling’s artwork.

Step 4. FOLLOW the Grapevine instructions to receive more of the Colour Me audio series.