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Arnolfini - est 1961

Be Part of Young Arnolfini and create ambitious art projects with other young people from across the city.

Are you interested in experimental and ambitious art-making? What about co-operative creative discussion and working with other people from across Bristol?

Arnolfini are looking for enthusiastic artists and writers aged 16-21 to become part of the Young Arnolfini collective. 

Young Arnolfini started in 2010 so we decided to talk to some of the past YA Members to find out what they got up to with us and what they’re doing now.

Charlie Crosley-Thorne was a member from the ages 18 – 22. Charlie took part in putting on And Then We Pulled The Words Apart in 2015. 

“In the time I was part of YA I learned an incredible amount about myself and where I sit in the arts. We were given a vast verity of opportunities to exhibit solo work and group created work, produce a publication, organise a series of talks on subjects we though were important to people of our age, and be involved with and respond to current exhibition at the Arnolfini, and this just what I can think of off the top of my head.

Not only did it teach me about my own artistic practice but it also granted me invaluable experience working at the Arnolfini. I have since moved on to working at White Cube in London thanks to YA. 

YA has left a positive impact on every part of my life and if anyone asked me if it was worth joining, I would say they should take the chance with both hands and hold on tight.”


Rachael Baskeyfield was involved with the group’s major exhibition, Inhabit in 2016.

“I joined YA mostly as a means to meet other young people working, studying or involved in the arts in Bristol. I was part of the group for a year (Sep 2015 – Sep 2016), and joined the ‘steering group’ probably in about December of ’15. As a recent graduate and new arts professional it provided a structured and supported framework within which to continue my own creative outlets, most importantly as an artist as well as a facilitator/organiser. The peer network, guidance and facilities that an institution like Arnolfini offered was vital for this. The group became a great group of friends and connections made there went on to form the basis for collaboration on other projects. 

I would cite YA as one of the best projects that I was involved in Bristol during my time there. It was an example of young people’s programme done how it should be! It’s been a springboard to next steps in the arts for me and many others. Keep it ambitious, critical, inclusive and exciting!”

Rachael is now working as Assistant Curator (Offsite and Education) at Chisenhale Gallery in London.

There will be two taster sessions, on Wednesday 8 February and Wednesday 15 February, both from 5pm – 7pm. The sessions will be informal and friendly, they are a chance to ask questions, take part in some creative activities and meet everyone whose involved. 

To get involved, email with your name, age, what you are currently up to and why you want to be involved.