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Arnolfini - est 1961
A Crash Course in Cloudspotting. Image by Paul Samuel White


Presented by MAYK in association with Arnolfini.

An invitation to pause.

To rest.

To listen.

A Crash Course in Cloudspotting asks you to connect with the subversive act of lying down.


It’s about public rest and acts of bravery we don’t see.

About scaling the distances and depths of human connection.


The piece is part verbatim theatre, part meditation on rest, gravity and connection.

Expect a rare and intimate audio journey of fragile beauty, just for you.


For this experience you will receive a handmade booklet in the post.

This includes all you need to carve out a resting space.

The audio experience is conceived as a break from the screen, and an invitation to connect with a small gathering of 21 audience and 21 participants.

This is a hybrid low-tech / high-tech experience that starts the moment our handmade booklet lands on your doorstep. The booklet is something to spend a little time with before the show. It begins the storytelling journey and includes all you need to carve out a resting space. To ensure we can get this to you before the show we ask that you book your ticket by:

Monday 17th for shows 20th – 23rd,
Monday 23rd for shows 27th – 30th.

You can still book tickets after that time, but your booklet may not arrive in time for the show.
(we have a digital booklet for this eventuality, but this is something we want you to hold in your hands).


Raquel Meseguer Zafe is a UK based dance theatre practitioner. She acknowledges ‘crip’ as a tool in her artistic process, and ‘rest’ as a creative impulse. Raquel is the artistic director of Unchartered Collective, a Lost Dog Associate Artist, and a Pervasive Media Studios Resident. Her work is supported by Unlimited and MAYK.


Conceived by Raquel Meseguer Zafe. Devised in collaboration with Artist & Theatre Designer Sophia Clist, Composer & Sound Artist Jamie McCarthy, Associate Artist Laura Dannequin, Artist and Designer Tom Metcalfe, Sound Designer Charles Webber. Publication Design by Lily Green (No Bindings). Commissioned by Unlimited and Camden Alive. Produced by MAYK. Supported using public funds by Arts Council England.


55 minutes audio experience.

Raquel is currently working with Arnolfini as a Dance Artist in Residence, funded by Bristol Dance Futures. She’s taking a special focus on movement, rest and access for disabled audiences and artists. Look at for more events with Raquel at Arnolfini through the summer.