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Arnolfini - est 1961

With: John Tilbury
John Tilbury plays music by Tom Phillips
On thursday 22 July, relating to the exhibition of paintings +
prints by Tom Phillips, John Tilbury will play music by Tom
Phillips including:
Seven Miniatures op.XIV
Golden Flower Piece for Keyboard op. V
Ornamentik op.X
and the first performance of
Lesbia Waltz op.XV
Tom Phillips will also read some pages from A Humument.
John Tilbury has previously appeared for Arnolfini Music at the
concert given in the Victoria Rooms on 14 January this year,
when he opened the programme with piano music by Terry Riley
and subsequently conducted David Bedford, Kevin Ayers + the
Whole Wortd and six “straight” musicians in a performance of
David Bedford’s Garden of Love. The photograph (above) is of
John Tilbury playing Tom Phillips’ Seven Miniatures op.XIV