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Arnolfini - est 1961
Graphic of a rainbow swirled background with the text exhibition title Beloved and the artists involved: Iman Sultan-West, Manoel Akure and Daisy Hvnter

To celebrate their anniversary as Creators in Residence at Arnolfini, Rising Arts Agency are taking over our second floor gallery from March to May 2023.

Inspired by our current exhibition Garry Fabian Miller: ADORE and the themes of Rising Arts Agency’s work over the last six years, we invited their community of young creatives to share their dreams for the space, and have commissioned three artists to create and exhibit new work.

“We have selected three of our incredible artists to exhibit here and share their radical reimaginings for the world we live in. Take stock, take notice, take care. This is just one example of the greatness that can come from giving young people agency and inviting them in. One movement, three artists, infinite love.” (Rising Arts Agency)

A photograph of the artist Iman Sultan West looking into camera with crossed arms and wearing a black t shirt against a background of splodged paint.
Image courtesy the artist.

Iman Sultan-West (11 March to 26 March)

Iman Sultan West is an artist, poet and curator based in St. Paul’s, Bristol. She is co-founder and director of the Shiiku collective, programming events around the city. Iman wants to explore in her work and words how community can be brought together through creativity and the understanding of heritage. 

A photograph of artist Manoel Akure lounging on a chair in a white room.
Image courtesy the artist.

Manoel Akure (1 April to 16 April)

Manoel Bolutife Akure is a multi-disciplinary artist of Nigerian origin, based in South West England. His works often explore the journey and the experience of the individual, a vulnerable exhibition of what it means to be a person, particularly aiming at what that human could be.

An image of an artwork by Daisy Hvnter of a jellyfish lit in a dark background with a crescent moon behind.
Image courtesy the artist.

Daisy Hvnter (22 April to 7 May)

Daisy Hvnter is an artist, specialising in digital collage and mixed media sculpture. Her pieces are inspired by nature, the cosmos and folklore. She became an artist as a form of escapism and often uses her pieces to create conversation around what it means to be invisibly disabled and to destigmatise perceptions of disability.


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About the Artist

A colour photograph of artist Garry Fabian Miller sat in a white walled and floor studio, surrounded by his work.

Garry Fabian Miller

Garry Fabian Miller (born 1957, Bristol) is one of the most progressive figures in contemporary fine art photography.
ADORE is his third exhibition at Arnolfini in his home city.

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