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Arnolfini - est 1961

Sat 15 May 6.00pm, 7.10pm, 8.20pm, 9.30pm
Sun 16 May 1.30pm, 2.40pm, 3.50pm, 5.00pm
£10.00/£7.00 concs
An atmospheric, disorientating and sometimes unnerving show in which film and live action merge with sampled sound and siren song. The audience is cast adrift with only stories and half-remembered truths to sustain them. It is about gut feelings; fight, flight and freeze reactions; impulse, love and undefended moments. Set in the belly of a whale. The Curious quest is autobiological; to expose, from the inside, truth and lies, biography and mythology; to probe how we compile and edit the stories of our ‘selves’.