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Arnolfini - est 1961

Deborah Pearson
Like You Were Before
Sat 7 & Sun 8 May 5.30pm

Like You Were Before uses old video footage to explore the gap between the person Deborah Pearson was in 2005 before she left her native Canada, and the person she is now. We watch as she attempts (unsuccessfully) to re-insert herself into the frame, creating a show that laments the fact that time keeps going. This is a show about moving forwards, backwards. Total Theatre Award for Innovation Shortlist 2010/ Herald Angel Winner 2010

Sylvia Rimat
I Guess If The Stage Exploded…

Bristol-based performance maker Sylvia Rimat follows the aspirational and possibly impossible goal of creating a show never to be forgotten by its audience members – not a single one. I guess if the stage exploded… draws on presence and sight, on what happens in our brain when we create memories, and on our urge to be special and forever commemorated.
Commissioned by Spill Festival 2011 at Barbican, London.