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Arnolfini - est 1961

A workshop led by visual artist Helen Carnac and dance artist Laila Diallo draws on ideas and ways into making developed during Edge and Shore, inviting participants to join them in their enquiry into process.

*** Please note this workshop will now be led by Laila Diallo WITHOUT Helen Carnac. However, this will not change the content of the workshop. If you no longer wish to attend because of this please contact Box Office (Tel: 0117 917 2300) for a full refund. Many thanks. ***


Can the artist of one medium broaden the enquiry of the other? How can we unpeel the early stages of collaboration?

Carnac and Diallo were invited to explore these questions as they first begun working together in 2012. This led to an extended research project where the artists have considered process and making. This workshop is an invitation to participants to join them in their ongoing enquiry, drawing on ideas and processes developed in the making of their new work Edge and Shore.

Working together, in groups and individually, participants will have the opportunity to explore some of the material Carnac and Diallo use when working together – movement and paper amongst others.

Working in the gallery space for a period of time will enable those taking part to make tangible connections with the work displayed and to explore questions that have underpinned much of the artist’s research about the role of the onlooker, the changes in our doing that occur when we are being watched, the edges or parameters of performance and making and the ways in which an audience apprehends a moment of live making.

This workshop is aimed at artists from any medium interested in exploring materiality and making and to those interested in areas of research concerned with movement and making.


Part of the Arnolfini Story Project  

Arnolfini Story is a multifaceted project celebrating the heritage of the organisation. Through it, we offer information and material from our archives, invite you to share your Arnolfini memories with us, and commission artists and writers to create new response to our history. It launches in 2015, 40 years after Arnolfini moved in to the Bush Warehouse, thereby becoming one of the first organisations to pioneer reuse of Bristol’s derelict docks.