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Arnolfini - est 1961

David Link, Erik Thiele, Christoph Haag, Martin Rumori, Franziska Windisch & Ludwig Zeller, Shulgin/Laskin, Harwood, Jodi, and the RunMe archive.

Fun with Software looks at the history of software, and its relation to humour and fun. Making and using software can be experimental, humorous, and eventful. Alongside today’s rather dull use of forms, databases, schedules and processors, an element of fun has informed and guided the development of software from its beginnings. A good example of this is Love Letter Generator, conceived in the 1950s by one of the first programmers, Christopher Strachey, working with Alan Turing at Manchester University on one of the first computers, and reconstructed in this exhibition by David Link. This exhibition follows the development of software over the last 50 years through playful experimentation and art.
Fun with Software has been curated by Olga Goriunova, Senior Lecturer in Media Practices at London Metropolitan University.