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Arnolfini - est 1961

“… where our real home might be is tricky to say. In a way that is the point. Some people say that is the body, but I think the body is more a channel that leads us home. Ultimate reality is our home. It is here and now, and it is not a special piece of what is happening. We imagine that we are on a journey, that life is a journey, but we are home from the beginning. This is not an easy thing to accept.

In February, two artists got on a cargo ship, and retraced one of the routes of the Transatlantic Slave Triangle – from the UK to Ghana to Jamaica, and back.

Their memories, their questions and their grief took them along the bottom of the Atlantic and through the figurative realm of an imaginary past.

It was a long journey backwards, in order to go forwards.

This show is what they brought back.

Selina Thompson is an artist and performer based in Leeds. Her work is playful, participatory and intimate, focused on the politics of identity and how this defines our bodies, lives and environments.

Commissioned by Yorkshire Festival, Theatre Bristol and MAYK. Supported by Arts Council England, and 200 kind and generous supporters who donated towards our voyage across the Atlantic.

Choose from 4 performance dates:
Thur 12 May, 8pm
Fri 13 May, 6:30pm
Wed 18 May, 8pm
Thur 19 May, 8pm

BSL interpretation is available for this event on Wednesday 18 May. For more information, contact Box Office at or +44(0)117 917 2300.