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Arnolfini - est 1961

Hassan Hajjaj’s artworks are characterised by an explosion of colour, pattern and appropriated brand logos.  Let’s Make Art invite children to emulate and compliment his style by doing the same. Using a Dura-weave paper jacket as a blank canvas children are invited to decorate their wearable garment with stencils and colourful specialist pens and paper cut outs. Just like Hassan’s work marries Morrocan culture with different pop art influences and recognisable brands, can you incorporate any brands, architecture or designs that are rooted in Bristol’s communities?

Let’s Make Art DIY Paper Jackets at Arnolfini

Our other We Are Family Summer Workshops all have downloadable instructions for you to create at home:

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All activities are free to download. If you’re able to, we would really appreciate a small donation to help fund future activities here. Thank you.