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Arnolfini - est 1961


A choreographic and multi-sensory journey into the complex nature of both emotional and physical darkness.

Challenge your perceptions and immerse yourself in a sensory performance that teases your imagination. YAYAYA AYAYAY is an ultra-terrestrial temporary dance proclaiming the historic chant: tnahc cirotsih eht gnimialcorp ecnad yraropmet lairtserret-artlU

A vision of a giant or an alien with a message; Ultimate Dancer and Robbie Thomson bring discoveries from the dark places. Expect a neo-ancient display of natural-high inducing lights, sounds and trippy ritual dances.

In 2015, Ultimate Dancer went into a darkness retreat for five days – a purpose-built room isolated from all light and sound. Ceremonial darkness as a shamanic tool is a classical method for accessing vibrant unconscious and super-conscious states. The experience was deeply transformative; at times hallucinogenic, emotionally moving, physically painful and has thoroughly inspired the creation of YAYAYA AYAYAY.

Presented as part of Submerge, Bristol’s International Digital Arts Festival

Credits to “Ultimate Dancer+Robbie Thomson”

Warning: YAYAYA AYAYAY contains stroboscopes and other strong effects (sudden complete darkness, loud noise and sub bass). It therefore might not be suitable to all members of the public.