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Arnolfini - est 1961

Thursday 17 July 7.30pm
Tony White and Niall Griffiths
Pissed off with books on Provence? Tired of tales from Tuscany, chick-lit and beach romances? Arnolfini bookshop offers an antidote with its own gritty summer reading double bill. Set in a small Welsh seaside town, Niall Griffiths’ Stump (Cape £10) maintains the passion, anger and intense lyricism of his previous novels Grits, Sheepshagger and Kelly and Victor. At the forefront of Welsh contemporary fiction, Stump moves from the darkness of his previous novels towards a sense of regeneration. Tony White’s second novel Foxy-T (Faber £10.99) is a moving evocation of an unusual urban love triangle, set in Bangladeshi East London, “that stars real girls, instead of wish fulfilment faux-chicks” (Stella Duffy). White is literary editor of The Idler. His first novel was Charlieunclenorfolktango.
£3.00 / £2.00 concessions