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Arnolfini - est 1961

Sat 31 Jan 7.30pm & Sun 1 Feb 4.00pm
£8.00 / £6.00 Concs

Socks are gloves for the feet. Snow is cold. Water is the same thing as ice. In America things are bigger. America is a country. Korea is also a country. Some men have sex appeal. Blind people cannot see anything.

Sight is the Sense that Dying People Tend to Lose First is a free-associating monologue that tumbles from topic to topic to create a vast, failing explanation of the world, the things, forces, experiences, people and landscapes in it. Written and directed by Tim Etchells of the UK’s celebrated performance group Forced Entertainment, Arnolfini presents its UK premiere. The text is performed by Jim Fletcher of the New York City Players.